How To Find Good Local Movers?

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How To Find Good Local Movers

How to find good local movers? Whether you are moving to one street or another state, a local mover would help you a lot. But it starts with choosing the qualities of a local mover.


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Professional, responsible, and credited are the top three qualities you need to look for when hiring local movers. The moving company must be licensed and insured movers. The movers employ responsible movers to take care of your belongings.

So, let’s give you some tips in finding good local movers in the Bay Area.

How Do I Find Good Local Movers?

Local moves are more efficient and affordable than cross-country ones. But this is only true if you make the right choices before moving. Local moves generally stay within 50 miles radius. Any move more than the distance is classified as a long-distance move, even if it’s in the state. So, here are some helpful tips for moving and considerations to make before hiring local movers.

Local Movers vs. DIY Move

Local moves are often challenging and involve a lot of moving pieces. A good alternative is to employ local movers to help protect the items and lift and transport heavy household objects. But, of course, it is the most expensive choice.

If you are moving locally, businesses typically charge by the hour or travel time as well as the cost of gas. Local movers hiring can range between $300 and $1,500 depending on the magnitude and complexity of your move.

But moving locally lets you do the work yourself. Instead of hiring local movers, you can handle the relocation yourself and save money. Before you go with the DIY option, consider these questions:

  • Do you know of any family or friends who could assist you in the relocation?
  • Do you have a vehicle? Are family members willing to loan you their truck to help move?
  • Are you need help moving furniture or appliances that weigh a lot?
  • Are you shifting any valuable or pieces that are fragile?
  • Would you like specific removal services (i.e., piano, pool table or exercise equipment, etc.))?

Answering these queries can aid you in deciding if you’ll need to employ an experienced local moving company or if it’s something you could handle alone.

How to Find Local Movers?

Finding local movers to hire involves researching to ensure you work with a reputable moving firm. Of course, in the ideal scenario, you’ll want to partner with a reliable local moving company known in the local area. Here are some suggestions for finding reputable local movers that you can confide in with your belongings at home:

  • Ask family members, friends, or even neighbors for suggestions. Recommendations from word-of-mouth can save you time when conducting research.
  • Review the company’s reviews as well as testimonials before you contact them. A reliable moving service will possess an internet presence, with reviews on sites such as The Better Business Bureau (BBB), Yelp, and MyMovingReviews.

Find local moving companies by asking for estimates on moving costs. Beware of lowball estimates as an indicator of fraud. Be sure they give you an exact written estimate before signing any agreement with them.

Cost To Hire Local Movers

If hiring local movers, you’ll have to be familiar with the typical cost to identify suspicious signs of fraud. The cost of hiring local movers will be contingent on the amount and size of things they’ll be moving. It is why local moving companies will inquire about the amount of furniture and boxes you’re planning to purchase before giving you an accurate quote. Be sure to calculate the amount of space you require to move.

It is a great base to compare rates and costs of the moving firms. You’ll still have to include the cost of gas, distance to and from the place of departure, and other additional charges. As the price of moving rises, it’s crucial to know the exact amount you can budget.

How to Save Money Moving Locally?

While local moves are more affordable than long-distance ones, there are still strategies to reduce the costs of moving locally. Keep in mind that the prices for local moves are determined by the amount of time required to finish the task rather than weight or distance. To help you save costs when working for a local mover, you should try to:

  • Reduce the number of things you’re shifting. Get rid of as much clutter as possible, and only carry what’s essential.
  • You can pack things yourself. Try to label the boxes of most boxes and be ready for when the movers show up.
  • Make sure to leave shoes, clothes, books, and other items to carry yourself. Take them in your car instead of letting the movers move them away.

Know How to Protect Yourself From Moving Scams

One of the drawbacks when working with local moving firms is the possibility of fraud. Moving companies need to get registered with the state department in all states. Checking that they are registered and insured will aid in identifying fraudulent moving businesses.
If you are in the market for firms that handle local moves, make sure you ask some of the following questions:

  • What is the time that the business has been in operation?
  • What type of protection do they provide against damage or loss?
  • What are their methods of handling disputes over claims?
  • Do they have to offer an estimate and a contract in the form of a written document?

These questions will allow you to identify potentially untrustworthy or fraudulent companies for moving. The more thoroughly you research a company, the less chance local moving companies will swindle you.


Whether you’re moving within a couple of blocks or a distance of more than 50 miles choosing a moving service in San Jose that can be trusted with your valuable belongings is essential.


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