How Much Time Does it Take to Move?

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How much time does it take to move from packing to unpacking? Are you just starting your journey and are unsure how long it will take to relocate? We got you. We prepared a list that can help you identify your main milestones and allow you to keep track of your journey.

Generally, moving can take anywhere from weeks to months from start to finish. Still, it depends on your circumstances. For example, the distance you’re moving, your belongings, and other requirements. 

Moving to a new place is a lengthy process. But if you plan, somehow, you can lessen the burden. In this article, we will talk about the phases of moving so you can plan.

How Much Time Does it Take to Move?

Moving can be a long process. It can take weeks to months. Those who are moving all over the world will definitely be on a more lengthy timeline as opposed to moving across the street. Thus, each move has different timelines.

Like everything else, unexpected issues can arise that push your moving date further back. Thus, it is essential to prepare for the unforeseen and talk to professionals (like moving companies in Santa Cruz) in advance and stay organized with your plan of action.

First, we’ll discuss the amount of time needed to complete each step of the moving process in more detail. We’ll also give you some helpful tips to take the anxiety out of the process.

Phase 1 – Move Planning and Preparation

In everything you do, make it a habit to plan and prepare. When it comes to moving, it’s ideal to start planning and preparing as early as possible. By allowing yourself plenty of time, you’ll ensure the remainder of your move goes smoothly. 

How much time allowance should I give for this phase? You can start planning at least two months before the date you plan to move. After that, it’s enough time to list everything you need, contact services and utilities, and more.

Here are some things you can do in the planning and preparation phase.

Sort and Downsize

Spend some time going through your possessions and sorting items you don’t use. Then, give yourself a break – don’t bring things you don’t need to your new home. If you spend a few minutes each day (let’s say for a week or two) clearing out things that aren’t needed, you’ll save time moving.

Donate, give away, sell or throw the items that have no value for you anymore. It will save more time and give you more room in your new home. 

Hire a Moving Company

Once you’ve reduced your possessions, you can now get an accurate estimate for your move. It is possible to find and reserve an experienced, reliable, and reputable moving company in just a couple of minutes. Check online or ask your friends about it.

The earlier you begin hiring a moving company in Santa Cruz, the more likely you will be to secure the dates you desire. The best moving companies have several employees and the moving equipment to execute the move seamlessly. 

Start planning early, and make sure you have the dates you’d like. It will save you time and money rather than booking in peak season or last minute in a rush.

Pack Your Things

If you’ve already organized your belongings and started getting rid of things you don’t use, you’ll know precisely what’s left to pack. In addition, it will help you speed up when organizing your storage boxes.

Start packing room by room, and begin with less-used objects. Since you’re starting earlier, it’s best to put away things you don’t need every day. For example, your snow clothes if you’re moving in summer.

Put the books you’ve already read in the box as well. Look for anything that you won’t be using until the day of your move. This way, packing gets easier as you approach the day of your move. 

Don’t forget to label your boxes from the sides and top of the box. Make it easy to see what’s inside. It will allow you to unpack faster once you are in your new home. You can do moving in stages. Give yourself plenty of time to pack, but don’t make it too long, or it’ll seem endless. Begin four weeks earlier and end two days before moving day.

Phase 2 – Moving Day

The distance you’re traveling can affect the day of your move. Employing a professional company for your move will dramatically reduce the time in moving. Professional movers are speedy and efficient and know how to move your belongings safely. In addition, they’ll help you minimize the time in taking your stuff from one place to another.

Loading the Truck

Generally speaking, the amount of time it takes professional moving companies to load their trucks is approximate as follows:

  • It took less than an hour for a 10ft truck
  • Four hours for a 24ft truck
  • A little over four and half hours for the 26 ft truck

Naturally, the timeframes could change if you have a complex entrance, such as one with multiple floors or remote packing. If you decide to load the truck yourself, it’ll take longer, except if your family members happen to be professional movers who can lend a hand!

Arrival and Unloading

Unloading shouldn’t take as long as loading since the movers will divide the boxes between the rooms in your home. If you talk with your mover, you’ll receive an estimate of how long you’ll need between locations, including loading, moving, and unloading.

Phase 3 – Unpacking and Settling In

You’ll be able to save time during the unpacking process by being organized in your labeling strategy. By clearly labeling your boxes by room and content, you’ll ensure that they’ll arrive in the correct spot within your home. 

After that, you can take out the boxes and put the contents in their proper place. Set a goal of unpacking one room each day, or maybe ten boxes. It’s fine to go one step at a time.

Do You Need Help With Moving?

The time it takes to move homes can vary between weeks and months, based on your specific situation. However, it is subjective to change depending on how much time you can give to preparing before packing and moving to unpack.

It is essential to keep yourself well-organized throughout the process. If needed, seek out professionals for assistance with packing, moving, and unpacking. 831 Movers is your local Santa Cruz Mover.

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