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Moving can be stressful for both adults and children, so how do you deal with moving for kids? Changing location can make a child feel nervous. These are sudden changes that will require your assistance for them to adjust. Thus, it’s essential to make them feel involved when dealing with kids.

Weeks or even months before your moving day, ensure that your children know what to expect. For example, tell them where and when you will move. Also, help them understand why you need to relocate.

The home where your children will grow up would play a large part and influence their life. How you deal with moving for kids will make a considerable difference in avoiding stress and unexpected tantrums on the day of your move. So, here are the things to consider when moving with your kids. Make the transition easier.

How Do You Deal With Moving With Kids?

Whether you’re moving to the house next street or out of the state, kids have different perspectives and understanding of what’s happening. Sometimes, the transition can be a lot to take for children, depending on their personality. So, here are tips to make your relocation as stress-free as possible for your kids.

Tip #1 – When moving, get your kids together and inform them.

Moving to a new home is big news for your children. Even if it’s only a few blocks away, it could feel like an entire world of new experiences for the kids. 

So, what should you do? Start by developing a sense of empathy for the journey to a different location. Then, come together as a whole family, sit it out, and talk everything out about the moving situation. Whatever your reason for moving, let your children understand the situation and what’s in it for them.

Make them feel “involved” by listening to their feelings, thoughts, and fears. If you have any experiences with your child’s concerns, then you can try sharing some positive experiences.

Tip #2 – Get some feedback on the new home.

Another way to make them feel that they’re part of the process is by hearing their thoughts about your new home. Better yet, if you have older children, let them be a part of the decision-making process of choosing a new home. 

If you’re moving to a different area, share pictures of each house, and explain the neighborhood in detail. Moreover, if possible, visit your prospect homes. Then, request them to list the three things they love about it. Finally, inform them that you’ll consider their opinions in making your final choice. 

Tip #3 – Give reassurance when moving.

Make sure your children know that you’re there to help. It’s essential to recognize that moving into a new house or school may be a huge change. Thus, you and your family must remain positive. 

When you feel that your kids have doubts, the best way to calm their minds is to get them involved during the moving process. Let them know that you’ll require their help when the packing process and unpacking. 

If they’re worried that they will not be able to meet with their current friends any longer, let them know they can still visit them once in a while. Explain to them that the future will be different, but there are plenty of good things to anticipate.

Tip #4 – Don’t forget to make room plans with your kids.

Create room plans to make your kids more excited about their new home. There’s no need to restrict yourself to their rooms alone. If they’re keen to help organize and decorate other rooms in the home, let them. 

You can also visit a hardware store with them to check out paint samples. If you’re planning on buying new furniture and your children are interested, bring them along. For teens, create a budget and let them work on their rooms, selecting the colors, linens, rugs, and furniture. 

Tip #5 – Pay a site visit and bring your children.

Take your children to the new house and let them take a look. If you’re only moving across town, make sure you take the time to do a walk-through in the house and take a tour around your new area.

Visit the nearest park, library, school, playground, and other stores or kiosks that would make your child feel happy. If you’re moving quite a distance, you may still be able to accomplish it ahead of your moving date and stay at the local hotel. 

Tip #6 – Moving, means getting them involved.

There are many ways to engage kids in the process of moving. For example, you can let them put their toys and other items into a bag. Then, sort everything they need to go and those they still need to use.

Getting involved can also mean helping you choose the color of their bedroom or choosing new towels for their bathroom. Whatever small tasks you’re working on, make your kids feel engaged. The awe of relocation could become exaggerated when it appears that it’s happening to them instead of making them think they’re part of it.

Tip #7 – Map the move with your children.

Draw out the route you’ll be taking and mark interesting spots and sights to visit during the journey. It will help the journey flow more quickly and make it more enjoyable for your children and you. 

Keep the maps close by for when you get to your destination. Ask your children to assist you in determining regular routes like between school and home or from home to the local mall, park, or cinema.

Tip #8 – Moving should involve saying goodbyes and hellos.

Give your kids some time to say goodbyes to their friends around the neighborhood and at school. Help them accept that not all goodbyes don’t have to be painful. Then, once you reach your new location, let them explore and meet new people. There are many things to look forward to in your new home.

Make a trip around your house and say goodbye. In the kitchen, you cooked together. The dining area where you shared meals. Living room, where you watched films together. These memories of the past are an excellent way to end the day.

What Is The Best Age To Move a Child?

Most parents feel comfortable moving a child before entering kindergarten. It ensures that the kid doesn’t develop an emotional connection to the location they’ll leave in the near future. It may sound easy to relocate with children younger than five years old. Still, it is essential to consider their emotions and thoughts as well.

Final Words About Moving With Kids

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