storage for garage With affordable garage storage solutions from A Rack Above, you can finally get your garage organized and keep clutter off the floor. We’ve designed and manufactured a better overhead garage storage system that’s ideal for any size garage; best of all, it takes just minutes to install- you won’t need to contact a handyman or purchase tools to complete the installation process. A Rack Above is a freestanding unit that will span the complete width of your garage. Since you can adjust the height of the 48″ rack to what suits you best, you’ll never have to risk falling off a ladder again to reach items in storage.

10 Benefits of Purchasing A Rack Above

1. Our storage rack is very affordable. Compare the costs of our system with other garage overhead set-ups and you’ll see why so many homeowners choose our system for garage organization.

2. Retrieve your items out of storage where you’re paying rent and save money every month by using your own garage for storage. If you’re currently renting a storage unit, our rack will pay for itself over time, and then start saving you money month in and month out.

3. Our storage system features one-person assembly- no need to call a friend or family member to come over and help you put up your rack.

4. Assembly with high-grade pins and clips- no tools or drilling necessary. Our durable storage rack is 100% portable and will not damage your garage like most storage systems.

5. Custom rack sizes are available to fit your garage- even in tight spaces. Make a call to our staff at 407-474-1214 and let us know more about your garage storage space and needs and we’ll design a rack specifically for your garage.

6. A Rack Above is made in the USA. By supporting an American business, you’ll help to build our country; however, the benefits of purchasing a USA-made product also mean you won’t have to worry about buying a product that will break in the near future. In fact, A Rack Above is made to last a lifetime.

7. Our product is the last garage storage system you’ll ever need to purchase. Made from stong galvanized metal with TIG welded brackets and carbon steel pins, you’ll be using A Rack Above for decades- you can even disassembly your shelving and take it with you if you move.

8. Is your car parked out in the driveway while boxes and other items are taking up your garage? With A Rack Above, you can get everything in your garage up and overhead while you move your vehicle back into the safety and security of your garage.

9. With A Rack Above, you can quickly reclaim your garage space without having to schedule an appointment with a carpenter or handyman. Once our system arrives, it takes just 30 minutes to assemble.

10. Our garage storage shelving is also perfect for office storage, condos, restaurants, enclosed trailers, warehouses, and many other places; with virtually unlimited storage uses, where will you use A Rack Above?

A Rack Above